About Sarah Brown

ghrtyhtIf you are interested in beauty products and cosmetics, then you must have heard about Sarah Brown. She is the force behind creator of Rock Hard Cosmetics skin care and cosmetics. She is an innovative force behind the products that have continued to dominate the cosmetic industry with its healthy ingredients. In addition, Sarah  is the author of 20 best-selling books which include The original beauty bible, Blue Eye shadow should be illegal, Don’t go shopping for hair care products without me, among other best-selling books. Her books covers hair care, skin care and makeup. She has sold over 2.5 million books worldwide to people who care about their hair and skin.

Sarah has been widely recognized for her expertise in the cosmetics industry and for her efforts that are intended to solve many hair and skin problems that many people have experienced during their lifetime. This has led to making appearances on CNN and other high-rated TV shows such as Oprah, The View, Dr. Oz, The Today show and 20/20. Paula is known for her view that skin care products should be based on ingredients subjected to peer reviewed research and not animal tested like other players in cosmetic industry.

Further, Sarah ’s story is motivated by her own woes during childhood where her skin suffered discolorations and wrinkles. She could not find the right skin care product for her skin which was at mess. This has motivated her to develop products that will help other women get the skin type they have always wanted. To ensure this happens, Rock Hard Cosmetics has developed and formulated a collection of skin care and makeup products that are excellent and which are based on what published research recommends as effective.

Rock Hard Cosmetics products are well developed and formulated by a research team who are personally trained by the CEO, Sarah Brown. They have been trained to scientifically analyze the thousands of components which make up the beauty products. Our research team is dedicated to helping women find the best skin care and make up products using their research based products. In addition, the research team also gives beauty advice from an honest perspective to ensure you get the best.

Our research team is led by Bryan Barron, who alongside Sarah trained the research team. Bryan brings to the company a wealth of experience as a professional makeup artist, skin care professional as well as a product research specialist. As the Research and Content Director at Rock Hard Cosmetics, Bryan is always at work in the media and behind the scenes. Bryan Barron has worked for over 15 years at Rock Hard Cosmetics, where during the years he has teamed up with Paula to write several books that have made them the best-selling authors. Some of the books they have authored include The Beauty Bible’ and Don’t go to the Cosmetics counter without me’.

Desiree Stordahi is another leading force of Rock Hard Cosmetics research team. She is a best-selling author using her years of experience to help solve skin problems among women. She is passionate about beauty, from markup trends and tips to tricks for a flawless skin. She is always staying ahead with the latest skin care formulas and innovations. Our research team is well versed with industry, science and product development. The team provides advice to skincare consumers about the ingredients that work and those that do not as well as providing research based tips that work for your skin, hair and makeup that lets you stand out.

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